Shop update

Finally getting around to updating the shop. Hope you like them, here’s a peek.


All four are now at the shop. Thanks for stopping by.

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tiny sale

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New pokings

Not such a lovely shot but the only one I have today. Perhaps new ones to come in the next few days. Something I spent a little time on and hope to develop either into backdrop for a picture book or just the next new thing to put up for sale on etsy.  Warmer days and summer vacation rapidly approaching, which means more pokings. Also trying to figure out how to make a living with my hands and abandon the day job. That is without having to do it at 2 -4 in the morning.

In other news thanks to the lovely makers at ADO and the recognition paid to my little pokings today. It was such a treat to see something posted on my creations that I didn’t generate myself. Have a look if you are so inclined.

ADO member spotlite

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Voice of the Nightingale – Wladyslaw Starewicz

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Frida Chiuaua

made for my dear lilzy dills. a Frida chiuaua. I also hope to submit this in the july mini challenge over at the ADO group.

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Princess Pia

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Little Girl Bluetta

Little girl Bluetta, really blows a horn when the birds prey on her crop! The horn is my almost favorite refashioned acorn creation yet. Available over at the shop.

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