Wren and Chirp

dsc04665 dsc04666


Here she is. She is almost finished, she just needs a bit of the extra stuff. She is Wren, the vagabond and she travels with her bird-friend Chirp who has a lame wing. She will get a suitcase to carry her favorite, essential bring-a-longs, a violin case for her violin and a small cage to travel with Chirp. As I have been making her I have been constantly reminded of the lovely character “Aunt Slyvie”, from the story Housekeeping. I read and watched, this story over 15 years ago and still it is one of those that visits me over and over again. Wren’s story is still brewing and if I can bare it she will be listed on Etsy in the next few days. I am struggling to find the perfect formula for pricing. I know the amount of time that I put into these dolls would never translate to an affordable price. If anyone has any wisdom to pass along on how they price their work it would be greatly appreciated.

My two girls, Wren, 8 and Sparrow, 2 (names they requested as there “blog” names. As I write this post, Wren is madly creating god knows what that I have to “blog” about – eek!) are on spring break this- or rather try as hard as possible to break your mama-  week and I am hoping to get a good amount of work done to take down for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I am fortunate to have been offered some table space at the Cloverhill Yarn Shop site with my sister, Gnomegarden Yarn and Fibers. It will be really great if I can just get something made!


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7 Responses to Wren and Chirp

  1. dawn says:

    Oh! They are beautiful! I miss your and the little birds…

  2. pegfussell says:

    She is so lovely!!
    I look forward to more pokings and pinchings!!

  3. Prudence says:

    Continuing on with the weird name coincidences – I named my last doll Wren as well! So bizarre!

  4. Prudence says:

    Oh, and she’s really cute – I love her hair – I’ll have to check out that movie! xx

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