Happy rainy sunday morning

My favorite kind of sunday morning. Not much felting to speak of but stumbled on this and smiled.

new type of doll for the forest. Florette Forest Fox and Rosabel Russian Red Squirrel

Florette Forest Fox by you.

Rosabel Russian Red Squirrel by you.

I’ve just realized looking at them here they both need whiskers, but they take less time, so I can charge less and they will come in this cute little box that I think I might paint like a old gnomey door. The point though is to use less energy and time to make something that will sell because it is cheaper. Can’t help myself though, get caught up in all the tiny- weakness of mine – my missing scale on the dragon’s belly. That and matryoshkas!!!!! oh my gosh – too much.


About tinymatryoshka

artist, mom, fairytale lover
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One Response to Happy rainy sunday morning

  1. Jim says:

    That IS a nice pipe…and I hope it’s NOT your last show.

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