recent work

Here below are two dolls. The first one is my most recent work for a friend’s daughter and the one below it is one of the first dolls that I felted to start off my felt forest project back in the fall. When I went back to look at the original one, I was pretty surprised at how different they were.
Baby Amber Honeybee and her Ted Miel by you.

Etsy Amber 7 by you.
This tiny tea set was sent off yesterday to a certain little mouse friend made by another person. I also added a tiny set of knitting needles and a wee little pipe. He just looked like the pipe type to me.
tea set, Los Angeles, CA by you.
I am really trying hard to get ready for my next and probably last show. I am headed south with my sister gnomegarden again. Life just keeps getting in the way of it though. I ache for the quiet and consistency that develops when doing this sort of thing as one’s “day” job. Seems I’m only able to fit it in at 3 in the morning a couple of nights in a row the week before the next show, madly poking away with my last coveted 38 triangle needle that last night I had to glue gun together because I neglected to stock up on needles. You’d think I rarely break them. I did make it to the store today – in between being crowned at the dentist and the emergency room having my finger sewn back together. cuckoo cuckoo.

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5 Responses to recent work

  1. oooo oooo oooo!!! That is PERFECTLY GORGEOUS! Sharon, thank you so much for the set, I love it (when it arrives!) and the extra bits are so unexpected yet so right on. I can’t wait to use it all! Thank you, you are amazing!

    • dawn says:

      Oh cuckoo cuckoo girl. Make sure you sleep!
      I love the new bee and the pipe is the awesome! I know a JIM who would love a real one like that!
      see you soon!
      xo dd

  2. pegfussell says:

    Oh I am so glad to hear that your finger is on the mend! I have a crown also. It does not make me feel like a princess, but every time I think of it I get this song stuck in my head….

    And I know the Writing Mouse is going to adore his new tea set and pipe!!! Can’t wait to him enjoying it.

    I love seeing how the faces on your dolls have evolved. They are so beautiful.

  3. tinymatryoshka says:

    Thank you peg. That song will forever be with me now too. You sold some very cute books this weekend. It was really fun but not very profitable. I think I would have paid more than the fee to sit all weekend with Dawn and felt without kids or husband! Thank you for the compliment.

  4. macorgan says:

    Hey You!!! Love the blog!!! Love ya xoxoxoxoxo

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