Odelyn’s Tree Nest

Odelyn’s Tree Nest, originally uploaded by tiny matryoshka.


About tinymatryoshka

artist, mom, fairytale lover
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4 Responses to Odelyn’s Tree Nest

  1. Sharon! How on earth did you make the pot part of that wonderful tea pot look so perfectly like old metal!! I must know your secrets!

  2. tinymatryoshka says:

    Oh hey, thanks and the mysterious patina……. just a little dry brush of gold paint. Let me go see which brand, I also started putting some varnish on the others but for this little witchy owl I thought an old goldish looking one was right thing. FolkArt Acrylic Paint
    #676 Metallic Inca Gold.
    I hope you are feeling better Shelly. xo, Sharon

  3. Cindy says:

    So, I wanted to tell you that your needle felting is so exquisite – I found you today on etsy via your sister. LOVE LOVE your work so much. I’m not sure if you spin, or knit. But I do a lot of fiber work and yarn – so if you ever wanna swap, let me know. I love your little owls and those little dish sets. The owl and pussycat are just amazing!


    • tinymatryoshka says:

      Thanks Cindy, I love swaps but right now I’m a little swamped and broke – so whatever work I do I have to try to make some money on. But I am honored and your fiber work is beautiful. I will keep your name and when I am ready to do some trading I will let you know. Again thank you for your interest. It is great to know that anyone even visits this page. I wonder who I am talking to and feel silly thinking that others may take interest in my day to day. Sharon

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