This is why I have no business having a blog.


while she quietly played and I started this post ….this was Sparrow’s idea of beading. The glue was the really great part. I simultaneously wince and laugh – thinking of Wren’s expression had she been there. (thank god she wasn’t as the incident occurred in her forbidden room.) We’ll be finding perler beads in foreign places for ages. Sort of like the bean box that always seems like a great idea until you do it. I imagine beans still sprout beneath our cabinets when it is particularly wet around here.

If I have heard this a million times it still isn’t enough I guess – “if its quiet you need to worry”.

Below is my attempt at a russian acornish dome for that little squirrel I made a little ways back. She is for sale (and not selling actually) at a shop in Frenchtown.





and last but not least I want to show off a little gal that joined our family this week. Sparrow turned 3 and had requested a little beauty such as this a while back. I feel I must post a warning before referencing the artist – You will have trouble deciding which is your favorite. Prudence is by no means defined by her dolls (although I do think she is very proud of them). She is also an illustrator, painter, homeschooling, cooking mama… I’m sure the list is endless and I hope I have the pleasure of discovering more of them as the days pass. Have a look at her punkrocker-waldorf cuties – what a delightful combination!



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2 Responses to weeps

  1. dawn says:

    Oh I love those little perler hands. This is EXACTLY why you do need a blog!!! To share the accidental-hindsite-joy that is parenting–plus the acornish domes and other good things ( I just typed thongs by mistake!) that fly from your hands. I love that set. you are a dreamy-maker sister!

  2. Jim says:

    I’m getting the glue out tomorrow. Brilliant!

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