ADO 4 Elements Art Doll Challenge


What made me think that I could do something just for fun during the summer? It is about nearly finished, and actually isn’t just for fun – it is a birthday present for my daughter’s friend who is a bit cuckoo for bears. I think she’ll like her and I think it qualifies as something for the challenge, albeit unfinished, that has to live out in the four elements? Well, it’s what I’m working on at the moment anyway. I sold 3 others at a local shop over the past few weeks. So I guess I should get some more pokings in soon. Summer is flying by way too fast here. Some snapshots of what we have been up to. We really are lucky to live in such a lovely place, even if it doesn’t quite feel like home for me.




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6 Responses to ADO 4 Elements Art Doll Challenge

  1. She is adorable. Have fun with the Blog Event.

  2. Romona says:

    I think a bear qualifies for an element….Very cute, Romona

  3. The sweetness of Sister Bear’s face is amazing to me. I admire this felting technique very much and it is something I would love to try. The pictures of Sister Bear with her little acorn carrying case are my favorites! SO CUTE!!!!

  4. Yve says:

    Just so sweet :o)

  5. Mr. Pink says:

    I’m pretty sure those are MY pink flip-flops…I seem to have lost them. Hmmmm.

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