Bittersweet vs. Uly (the french bulldog)

It was a good day for the bulldog – a bad day for Bittersweet. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph the aftermath of the battle but I do have the picture of her from before she was bought. The little owner brought her back to me wrapped in the finest silk in about 10 pieces. She looked like a worn out drag queen.

So here is the original and beneath it is her makeover.




A new sweater for her troubles. Wren is busy staging all sorts of photo shoots of Bittersweet’s makeover process. She plans on printing out a little photo journal and mailing it back to the little girl with the doll all gussied up. You know spa day complete with cucumbers in the eyes. Today was a little relaxing at the beach. Its a tough life the life a Felt Forest critter, to be sure.



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