Muhktar and Kadeen

“He is a good storyteller who can turn a man’s ears into eyes”

– moroccan proverb

What of those who tempt the eyes to inspire good stories? Please leave a story about Muhktar and Kadeen or any of the other critters you see here in my coomments and this weekend I will send the person whose name is drawn a tea set. Or if something in your story so inspires me – something that bubbles up from your story!

One possible life for this spicy little mouse:

taken from my etsy listing –

The ever charming Muhktar persuaded his loyal confidant Kadeen many many years ago into traversing the hottest desserts to rest finally in the cool peace of the forest. He travels with his snake charming recorder, his faithful friend and partner Kadeen King Cobra, Kadeen’s majestic (handmade ) resting basket and a small sack filled with magic sand awarded to him by Morpheus. In his travels Muhktar has become quite friendly with Morpheus, master of drowsy and now roams the forest relieving those animals desperate to find sleep with a dusting.(Very popular with the owls in the woodpecker regions of the forest) Muhktar’s fancy vest and bedding is handmade from recycled materials and removable. His arms and legs are jointed and movable for laying,standing or sitting position.





A nice story about some lovely woods to cool me off in this hatefully hot day.


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2 Responses to Muhktar and Kadeen

  1. How charming these figures are, Sharon! Fantastic work. Hey, meebee, you could actually make a real story book with using these characters as the illustrations!

    • tinymatryoshka says:

      thank you shelly. I think a book would be so fun but I am an amateur photographer at best and am not sure how I would go about starting the whole process. your scenery is exquisite and I see the amount of time and work it takes you. Just mind blowing. hope you are well and thanks for peeking.

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