Woodland Slumbers

over at the shop now. they have to do something about how long it takes to list items.


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artist, mom, fairytale lover
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4 Responses to Woodland Slumbers

  1. carol says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I love it would like to order some more fellows for our little collecton. My girls loved the Christmas items that you sent in Dec.
    How to see more?

    Fairview pa

  2. carol says:

    let me know of new items
    Carol Faotview Pa.

    • tinymatryoshka says:

      Oh so nice to hear from you again Carol, and I am so happy to hear the girls loved them. I am hoping to get some things completed this weekend. Our spring break is a starting then and I should have some quality time for felting! I will post them here before etsy and give you a poke to let you know. Likely some squirrels, fox and bees.

    • tinymatryoshka says:

      Hi Carol, I just thought I would let you know that I’ve done a small update to the shop if you were still wanting at have a look. I should also have a russian squirrel, a little fox and a blueberry girl all in the shop shortly. Hope you and the girls are well!

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