This is a space where I hope to display my needlefelting with a little of my life pinched in there. I am a mama of two girls living in New Jersey. I am pretty smitten with all things fairytalish and folklorish. Please share with me your thoughts about my work, life and your favorite fairytales.


4 Responses to About

  1. Mardi says:

    I adore your tiny creatures! They have so much spirit and vitality that it seems probable they will move in the very moment I turn away, and then find them in another pose when I look back at them.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks so much Mardi for your kind comments. Truth be told, I have had very similar feelings lately. In fact this afternoon I found it hard to leave a nearly finished mouse with a needle sticking out of its back. I love how each one seems to take on its own personality as I make it. Thanks again.

  2. Vlaďka says:

    Perhaps you’re a fairy. Who else would know better all these creatures?
    I admire your imagination.

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