Princess Peony and Prince Pea

That sweet old tale except the character who really does all the work has been crowned a prince! Peony proudly sleeps with him at the foot of her bed. Available at the shop

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New babushka squirrel.

finally the rain came. what better occasion for taking a walk in your christmas dress.

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the cracken wakes

Seems like forever since I posted, made anything worth posting, made any money from making something worth posting… had a littl bit of freedom to post some pictures (I say this as my 9 year old sits at my shoulder with NOTHING TO DO) of what I have listed on etsy and a little of life thrown in too!

thank goodness for summer drinks. 🙂

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sorry don’t seem to be able to figure out to embed the video. you’ll have to click and see. It’s worth it!

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our new infatuation here. can’t seem to shake it. can you blame us!

Gentle River

Denizens of the Lake

This gal came in santa’s sack

I’m sure we will be torturing you with photo shoots soon!

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Woodland Slumbers

over at the shop now. they have to do something about how long it takes to list items.

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Pomegranate (Pom), Pip and Albion

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